Northwest Round Up

For the past month or so I’ve been planning on doing a post highlighting other blogs Northwest climbers who are getting after it.  Then after a conversation with one of these climbers coupled with a story idea I have solidified the idea in my mind.  So why haven’t you seen this post yet.  The short answer is I’ve been lazy and we can leave it at that.

So without further adieu here is a list of blogs from the Northwest that I thoroughly enjoy.

First off is Blake Herrington’s Travels and Tribulations blog.  I first heard of Blake while interning at Cilogear. Blake has been putting up routes in the wilds of the Cascades since he was eighteen. Last year he went north to Alaska and along with Jason Nelson authored two new lines on the Mendenhall Towers.

Next is Jens Holsten’s Always Upwards blog. Last year Jens along with Max Hasson went big in Alaska, climbing two unnamed peaks. Jens had a beautifully written article about the climbs in Alpinist 29.
Up next is Portland local John Frieh who is a beast. As is evidenced by his training blog

Jens’ partner in Alaska also has a blog and it can be found here: Maxwell Silver.

Up next are Portland locals Nate Farr and John Frieh who is a beast. As is evidenced by his training blog

And of course there is Colin Haley’s blog.

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