Passing windows.

It’s late and I should be asleep.  My feet hurt from eight hours of running around a large store, building office chairs, pulling file folder and collections of pens and pencils to the front of their rows.  “Pull the product forward, brick style” I’ve been told for the umpteenth time in the last week. I arrived back home two hours after leaving the store on the “dodgy” end of Portland, the end of Portland opposite from the one I live in.

Getting off the bus I cut through the neighborhood surrounding the school and enjoy the last of the clear weather.  I’ve managed to sit out another perfect weather window.  Not for lack of trying, I tried to get my hands on car to go and slog my way up Mt. Hood, failing that at least a few quick laps on the Chemistry Slab before work.  No dice.  However the weather and friction looked nice from outside the gym windows.

Getting home I charge into the bathroom and get rid of that half liter of water I slammed before leaving the store.  I leave the bathroom, kiss Signe on her fore head and plop my ass in the chair and check the weather hoping for just a few more days.  Disappointment.  I quickly check my email, a note from Ben, a facebook invite and some spam.  Nothing else.

I tool around the internet a bit more, watch the new episode of the “The Season” and get some much needed stoke.  Then I find a link to Shingo’s page, read a story about another new route at Lone Peak.  Thinking about going back there makes me smile.  I’m scheming a way to get back there.

It’s one o’ clock and time for bed.  That alarm goes off in five hours.  I’ve got a long run to do before going back to work at ten.  I’m going to kick that next weather window’s ass.

1 thought on “Passing windows.

  1. I just came across your blog, and really like it. The name is genius!

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