Some good stuff.

Here is harmless post about something I think are cool.

Alpine Climbing.
Kelly Cordes has a blog! Kelly is one of the best writers on the climbing scene, an alpine bad ass, and most importantly a hell of a nice guy. I’ve exchanged a few emails with him in the past and had the opportunity to meet him at the Outdoor Retailer’s Show. Kelly is a great story teller and his work is well worth reading.

Stephen Koch has a great blog post about alpine climbing, soloing and risk. While I am biased, Stephen has managed to say what I have been struggling to say.

I’ve found what I hope will be the end of this training cycle. The Triple Couloirs on Dragon Tail peak. Which is absolutely beautiful. The plan is to hit it in April, but I’ve got a ton of work to do to get there. I have some other ideas in mind, but I’m going to keep them quiet for now. Though I’m slightly chubby right now, I am confident that my training will pay off. A Rob is going to accompany me and we’ve got a list of training climbs. My stoke factor is HUGE!

Dragon Tail showing the triple couloirs.

I’m finishing up Dan Millman’s “Warrior Athlete”. I got hipped to Millman from a recent Will Gadd post about mental training about mental training resources.  I’m working on implementing some of his ideas.  I wrote about one a few posts ago, and I’m excited about where the implementation of these can take me.

Wired magazine also has some good stuff in it this month.  I’m actually listening to the author of one of the articles on NPR right now.  This particular one is about vaccinations and the dangers associated with parents opting their children out of getting them.
There is also a good article about using photons and a gene from a species of algae as a potential cure for Parkinson’s disease. This also brings up some interesting moral questions.

That’s it for now. Time for a run.

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    1. Lindsey,
      You are right. Next time I will title the post “Some cool stuff I would like to share.”

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