Ready and inspired.

I’m rested and recovered from last nights work out.  I’ve been lazing about all morning.  I just had my PB&J with fennel seeds along with four sweetened mango slices from Trader Joe’s .  I’m heading out in a spot to run some errands then meet up with Chris for our weekly Dirty Butte session.  I spent last Thursday riding the Max and dialing in my project.  I’m ready to lead it, though the online guide book doesn’t give gear recommendations.  That’s alright, I think I’ve got it figured out.  I got my warm ups and hopefully after today I’ll have a new project to tackle at The Dirty.

I spied another potential line to the left of my project.  It needs lots of cleaning and could be and exciting (read: run out and small) lead.  It may be worth putting some bolts in.  I’m not going to let my self go to the place where I think about whether or not its been done.  It isn’t in the guide book, but then again lots of stuff maybe missing from that guide book.  Since its 3.5 editions are just the first edition shoved between a new cover.  In other words, its way the fuck out of date.

It being a local, mostly toprope crag I don’t find anything wrong with putting in some bolts on and giving more opportunities for people to work on their lead head.   I hated the dirty at first, but now I’m growing to love it.  Yes it is dirty, I don’t like coming home covered in dirt, I don’t like stepping past condoms (I will pick up trash, but not condoms…not with out a haz-mat suit.

Time to go run my errands.  Peace out.


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