Theocratic Distopia

It could be because I’ve got a lot of time on my hands, or it could be that I’m listening to what Dave and I once to referred to as “Satan’s CD” recently, but I feel the need to return to some of my old writing and give an olde fashion rant.

This rant was inspired by an interview I heard on Fresh air with the journalist Max Blumenthal. I found the interview to be scary as hell. Having known some of these extreme right wingers I can attest to their intense levels of crazy. If you would like — strike that– you SHOULD listen to this interview. Once your done, you can check out these videos on

Ok, enough of the linkage.

I’ll start by confessing that I didn’t only grow up Republican, but once consider my self one.  I have also had links, long ago, to an Evangelical Christian group called “Young Life”.  My split came with this group while I was dating a bisexual girl and was doing a lot of thinking around the idea of whether or not being gay was a sin, meaning it was a choice, or if one was just born being attracted to someone of the same sex.  My feeling at the time was that it didn’t matter.  What did matter was that we were called by god to love our neighbors as ourselves. (When I think about that in correlation to this quote by Ike, the Christian right’s attitude towards gays make perfect sense.)  With that, the group changed their meeting time and place.  They couldn’t even find the courage to confront me head on, or save me for that matter.

I digress.  The truth is, there is still part of that Republican streak in me.  My biggest beef with the party is that it has been hijacked by what is referred to as “The Christian Right”.  I don’t believe these people are Republicans, or even democrats (as in people who support Democracy as a form of government) for that matter.  What people like Pat Robertson,  Dobson and the thankfully late Jerry Falwell.  It is their goal to build a society build the law Leviticus.  This is NO different than the legion of sheet wearing loonies in the mountains of Afghanistan and Pakistan who want to establish a kaliphate throughout the Middle East.

In my opinion this is the biggest threat facing our nation.  Health care is just the cover for it.  These people are threat to the fabric of America.  They want to bandy about the intentions of the founders and how the founders where Christians escaping religious persecution are full of shit.  The founders had seen first hand the horrors of the integration of church and state.

Actually…I’m so frustrated by this that I can’t write, speak, or think.

I have tried to defend, or make the case for my turn to agnosticism.  I have attempt to make the case for the good that religion can do.  I now have to admit that I just can’t see it.  I have never ever thought of moving to another country because of who was or who maybe elected.  But after listening to this interview, I strongly thought about moving to another…more rational country.

These horrible, belligerent people are intent on blasting us back to the dark ages.  Human advancement was stymied by the church during the Renaissance.  You want to know where you jet car is?  Religion took it from you with the fear of death that kept good science under wraps.  I know that’s a silly example.  My brain is short circuiting from frustration.

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  1. Yes, yes, yes and YES. Aaaagh BOB. I too find myself defending religion and I don’t even know why anymore. I think I am realizing that I am not defending religion, I am defending the people I know and love who are religious even when they make me SO frustrated and angry with their narrow minded religious views (especially when they call those views “loving”).

    I am currently embarrassed to be an American and I don’t think I should feel bad about that. Yeah, we elected a black man to be president *FINALLY* and it has made the worst of the worst come out of the woodwork and I know people who I thought were sane before gushing about their love affair with Glenn Beck. Are they trying to make my head explode?! VOMIT.

    OK, I am beginning to rant now so I will stop but I get where you are coming from. The other day I had a back and forth with my sister in law (started with her saying, very nicely, how would Ben know what the right number of kids to have is since he doesn’t have any? DUMB QUESTION). Then she and I went back and forth on the regular old issues of the day (birth control, homosexuality, etc) as well as me telling her what certain scriptures mean in the context of history & whatever else and then her saying she didn’t understand and could I please explain what I thought of those scriptures “IN CONTEXT” and then get back to her. She clearly didn’t know what looking at scripture “in context” means. We went back and forth for a while and it was all very civil and I told her up front that I didn’t believe the Bible to be the unadulterated, infallible word of God but she kept lobbing Scriptures at me to prove my wrongness. My favorite thing she said was that when you FEEL God the way she has then you just KNOW Him to be real, true, etc.

    Normally in those situations/conversations I get upset and sad…but this time I didn’t. Talking to her helped me realize more clearly my own line of thinking – it helped me to verbalize how I felt and what was going on in my head. That night I made a fairly huge step from “not a Christian” to “somewhere between an agnostic & a Deist”.

    Anyway Bob, all of that just to say: I love hearing you talk about all of this and I too am scared of where the right wing religious nutcases are taking this country….and the urge to move to another, more rational country increases just about daily. Let’s all move somewhere together! We can have a NON-commune Commune!

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