7-September-09 Cardio/Circuit workout

40 min run sub 140 heart rate through OES neighborhood.

Circuit Training:
Warm up: 3x 90″ ab bridge/10 situps with 35lbs/10 get up ball slams with 12 lbs ball

4x 3′ rest between rounds
10 push ups
15 kb swings #35
Leg Blaster
5 Pull ups

Cool down:
5′ on Airdyne at sub 130 HR

Comments:  Good workout.  I can’t wait till I can run at a faster pace and stay between 140 beats per min.  Right now the pace is GLACIAL.  The circuit training is doing what its supposed to be doing.  Which is making me want to throw up.  Which I think is good.  Its just the weakness leaving my body.  Soon I’ll get back to where I was at this time last year.
Right now, the rest period between rounds is long, but as they get easier I’ll decrease the rest to 90 seconds.  When that starts feeling easier I’ll add another round.  The goal is to get to the point were I can start an actual training program.  Tomorrow is a day of sport climbing with Conors.


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