I like early mornings in Seattle because of the quiet, empty streets. This is a treat normally reserved for post season Sundays during the football season, and for the second time in a week I am able to enjoy the city while it still sleeps. I wish this happened more, but more often than … Continue reading P3


Tradition and Progress. A review of Bryan Sutton’s The More I Learn

  A few months ago I pitched a story about Bluegrass Musician Bryan Sutton. The pitch was accepted, but then the magazine was sold, and I think the editor was sent elsewhere. This all happened after I had been in contact with Bryan's representation and received an advanced download of the album. I wanted to … Continue reading Tradition and Progress. A review of Bryan Sutton’s The More I Learn



You have to get up early if you want to ride with b|f and crew. I didn’t wake up early enough, telling myself that the gap between my 5:45 alarm and my 6:15 meet up with b|f was big enough for me to continue to lay in bed until five after six. I put down … Continue reading Cracked


Click Track

My wife tolerates the persistent electronic beep that finds its way through the closed door with more presence than the guitar does. I now try to get the practice done in the hours where she is at work, and I have done my writing to reduce the anxiety that can come with the steady beat … Continue reading Click Track