Having a Moment.

We are house sitting this summer, and one of our duties is to walk Abby,  the twelve year old dog that comes with the house. She's old, and the walks are short, and most often undertaken by my wife, but on the nights I take her out I've been putting my headphones on and spending... Continue Reading →


Committing to a Different Course

For the entire time I've been writing I have mostly relied on emotion to carry my written thoughts. It worked, and I got pretty good a leveraging big emotions. I never thought to try another way until I ran into some serious road blocks while trying to write a piece for Bicycling.

Ice breaking Happiness

The idea wasn’t that lame, as far icebreakers go anyway. There were maybe ten of us, and we each had a paper square with an animal on it; I was zebra. Somewhere in the room was another square with that same animal on it. We were to find our match and partner up. I found... Continue Reading →

Want to Make God Laugh?

Two Ninas is not a good movie by most people’s standards. The film, staring Ron Livingston, Amanda Peet, and Cara Buono, played for one weekend wonder, grossing just under $11,000 when it played on six screens on the 28th of January 2001. The story follows one Marty Sachs (Ron Livingston), a man with a job... Continue Reading →

Adventures in Pictures

For the last few years I've talked about learning how to take good, well descent photos. The idea being that it would be easier for me to sell written stories to the magazines I loved if I was also able to provide photos. The hope being that I could A: make a little more money... Continue Reading →

What I Feel I Must Do

I have never been a politically active person. There have been moments, perhaps, like my brief fascination with Marx and Engels in high school, which also coincided with my reading of the Socialist Worker newspaper, and then later—after I’d dumped all that socialism nonsense—a brief stint as a political blogger, by which I mean I... Continue Reading →


  I like early mornings in Seattle because of the quiet, empty streets. This is a treat normally reserved for post season Sundays during the football season, and for the second time in a week I am able to enjoy the city while it still sleeps. I wish this happened more, but more often than... Continue Reading →

Crises May be Existential in Nature

The crows are laughing at me. There are three of them parked in tree behind the U Dub climbing wall in the stadium’s south lot. They should be, I don’t know what the hell I’m doing here, an hour before work starts when I could, maybe should, be at home making pouring coffee for my... Continue Reading →

Recent Works and Skunkworks Projects

    I have new piece in the most recent issue of GritCX. The story, about Seattle local and former U23 US champ Zach McDonald. We covered a lot of ground in our hour and a half interview, done at Ventoux Roasters and Heart Coffee, a cycling themed joint not far from our respective homes.... Continue Reading →

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